Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Big Ray's

Jordan Laycook was in town with his family, visiting Amelia Island from the Baltimore area. He and His father-in-law, Clark, took in a backcountry fishing trip today. We ran up the Nassau River, stopping at a couple of spots, with the tide high and just starting out. We fished the marsh grass with shrimp and mud minnows under floats and both Jordan and Clark picked up Redfish, we had caught a few when Clark had a hookup that took him deep and around the stern of the boat. Clark played the fish beautifully and we soon netted a nice Jack Crevalle. We eventually ran around to the mouth of Jackstaff and trolled the bank, now lined with oysters, tossing the jig/shrimp combo. Both anglers again picked up a few Redfish, then a Seatrout and then a keeper sized Flounder.
We ended the day by heading down to the docks at Longpointe thinking we may pick up a few more flounder, and had a few of the mud minnows chewed up pretty good. There was tons of bait down there between the docks and something was nailing it so we eased up with the trolling motor and Jordan hooked up to a powerful fish. He battled the fish around the boat for what seemed like an eternity, but then he brought it to the surface, a huge Stingray. Then both Jordan and Clark hooked up with these large Stingray and we had a battle going on at both ends of the boat! Both were boated, dehooked, and released, then we turned towards Sawpit, counting it as another great day to be out on the water!

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