Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spooled, Rained on, but Fish Caught

Brian and Leah Cochran were visiting Amelia Island from the Atlanta area and took in a backcountry fishing trip. We left the South end boat ramp early and ran up the Nassau River, stopping to troll at the oyster bed outcrops. I knew it was going to be a good day of fishing when I got a bite on the demo cast! Both Brian and Leah picked up the jig fishing technique quickly and soon they were getting bites. Leah soon caught a feisty Redfish and then had a couple of good battles with strong pulling Jack Crevalle. Brian got in on the action when he had a strong bite and drag began to rip off...and off...and off...and off. When the fish got to the end of the line it just kept going, but luckily the arbor knot held and Brian was left to reel in the entire line, minus the jig! We hit a few spots along the Nassau, getting Redfish here and there, then we cranked up and ran through Jackstaff to the mouth and trolled its oyster lined bank. Fishing was pretty hot here with both anglers catching Redfish and Brian adding another ferocious Jack Crevalle. Then Brian hooked up with something up near the bank and when it rolled we knew that this was the larger Redfish we were looking for! Brian worked the fish in, playing it perfectly, and soon we netted a nice, slot-sized 20" Redfish. We hit a few more spots, but the bite had slowed as the sun got up and when we felt sprinkles, we knew it was time to call it day. The run back to the ramp was in a downpour and all three of us were "soaked to the bone", but we still counted it as a great day to be out on the water!

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