Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Cast, Slot Red

Johan Falkman and his Father-in-law Warren Phillips took in a Amelia Island backcountry fishing trip while visiting from the Atlanta area. We left the boat ramp early and ran up Nassau River. The oyster lined bank has been looking good all week and I usually make it the last stop, but on a hunch, made it our first stop today. Johan cocked the Stradic 1000 and fired away with a 1/4oz jig tipped with shrimp making a good cast to the base of the oyster bed and BOOM, fish on, first cast!
We knew right off that it was a nice Redfish because it rolled two or three times near the bank then Johan had a battle on his hands, playing the fish perfectly, and bringing it to the net, a 22" Slot Redfish! For an hour or so the guys caught Redfish, hooking up with one after the other, first Warren, then Johan. Warren hooked up with a hard fighter - I first thought it was a Bonnethead Shark, but it never really ran far, so I changed my guess to a big Red, but after Warren played the fish like a pro, we netted a 20" Jack Crevalle, a beautiful fish! After catching more Reds and two Flounder, we moved on to the mouth of Jackstaff to catch more Redfish; most were small, but fun to catch on a great day to be out on the water!

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