Friday, April 6, 2018

60 Spots, New Spot, Hot Spot

Dara and William Blalock were enjoying a visit to Amelia Island this week and took in a few Amelia Island fishing trips. Yesterday we met up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park and made a quick run to Tiger, set up and fished jigs and shrimp and minnows on the first of an incoming tide. Dara knocked the skunk off with a nice Redfish catch and William added a Seatrout - one that had very few specs!  Then he turned around and caught a 17.5" Redfish with 60 spots! That's the most spots I've ever had on my boat and it'd be a winner if it was just a half inch bigger by...tomorrow's Redfish Spot
Tournament in Jacksonville.

We left there and fished some over in Lanceford Creek and picked up a 17.5" keeper sized Flounder and a big 19" Trout (Dara and William only kept a couple of Flounder this trip and released a whole bunch of keeper sized Redfish and Trout). But the wind was picking up and would eventually hit at least 17mph and after we had hit a couple of places to try and get out of it the third stop was the charm.

For want of a better name, I've dubbed it the "WnD Spot" - we were out of the wind and fishing some docks, working along slowly, pitching jigs and when we got up behind one particular dock it was like the flood gates were opened and Redfish began pouring out. Boom! Fish On! Boom! Fish On!  Boom! Fish On! They landed about 10-12 Reds with 4-5 being of Slot size, the biggest being about 25", and they added two big Trout, another 18" Flounder, and a smaller Flounder - it was a great way to end a windy but productive day fishing here at Amelia Island Florida.

Today I met Dara and William down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp and we made the run up the Nassau River to fish some exposed oysters on a tide that was still going out. William tossed a topwater Zara Spook Jr.  and Dara fished a float no avail. We worked around to a dock and it didn't take long before William had horsed a big Slot Redfish out from the pilings and after a weird nibble, Dara landed a keeper sized Trout.

We worked those docks for a while, bounced around to Seymore's Point and fished some rocks with float rigs then headed over to Black Hammock to fish structure on the first of an incoming tide. The two anglers caught a few feisty Redfish here and there then as we fished down the way things got real "hot". Like yesterday, it was as if someone turned on a switch and we began to catch one Redfish after the other. I had commented earlier that we hadn't had a single Seatrout and William obliged by putting a couple of big ones in the boat. Today's weather was beautiful, it warmed nicely and we only had a slight breeze, making it an outstanding day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida