Thursday, June 28, 2018

Jack Be Nibble

Today marked my last trip out of Sawpit this week! I had met Chip Lobeck, his son Sullivan and his father-in-law Ron early this morning and we headed up the Nassau on a tide that had been coming in for a few hours. We made a quick stop at some docks at Seymore's Pointe and pitched the pilings with jigs and all three anglers "knocked the skunk" off, individually. Sullivan got on the board first with a nice Catfish catch, and while he was reeling it in, Chip boated a Croaker, and later Ron put a hard fighting Black "puppy" Drum in the boat.

We crossed over to the mouth of Jackstaff, fished it thoroughly, then rounded the corner of the Nassau to fish some rocks. Young Sullivan had a few nibbles that took his bait, but he went back to the same spot and hooked up with a hard fighting Jack Crevalle. We then headed up the Nassau to fish Pumkin Hill. It took while, but finally Ron found a hungry Seatrout then we had some good action. Chip had something big swipe at his live shrimp on float a couple of times, then on the third attempt Chip hooked up. We
could tell right off that this was a bigger fish and sure enough, after a patient fight, Chip landed a nice 19" Seatrout. Shortly after that Ron, drifting his float long, had it disappear and he hooked up. It was a long haul but Ron worked it in and landed another big 19" Trout.

We fished Christopher Creek with no luck and made one final stop heading back down the Nassau. Ron boated a high flying Ladyfish, Sullivan put his second Jack Crevalle in the boat, then Chip hooked up with something big. I was calling "shark" as it headed deep, ripping drag, and dashing under the boat.  Chip worked it out from under the boat, played it perfectly, and landed a nice 22" Slot sized Redfish! Now that's the way to wrap up another day of fun fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida!

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