Monday, December 28, 2015

Boat Ride and a Redfish

I finished my day up by doing a 2 hour boat ride and tour with the Kenneth Peck party, meeting them At the Oyster Bay dock and then touring north of the Island. We made stops at Old Town, the Pogey Plant, Fort Clinch and then crossed over to see some wild horses on the south end of Cumberland Island, Georgia. We then cruised up into Beach Creek and found that their were horses inland, too. We saw cranes and egrets and ospreys during the trip. I had some left over bait from my morning fishing trip and I thought we might tuck in behind Tiger to get out of the wind that had picked up and do some fishing...but there were 4-5 boats back there doing the same thing! So we ran over to Eagans Creek, and eased thru until we found a likely dock to fish. Young Lori did a great job casting and after a few minutes she had a strong hookup and, FISH ON! She played the feisty fish perfectly and after a good battle landed a nice Redfish - her first ever fish! I thought that was a great way to wrap up a day of fishing but when we got back to the dock Kenneth made it even better by presenting me with a neat sign that his company produces - American Made! See  Altogether American for more fine products.


kenneth peck said...

Why settle for the rest when Capt Lawrence is the BEST! Words cannot describe how awesome it was to watch my niece catch her first fish! Capt Lawrence will be getting ALL of my Charter business for as long as I can fish in Amelia!

Walfia said...

I have a red paradise fish that I have had for the last 4-5 months and ever since I set up my aquarium. I bought it for 5 dollars at my local family owned pet store. The whole 5 months I've had it, it has either been swimming around, or on its side ontop of the gravel. I didn't think fish could sleep. I showed my friends, and they were amazed.Thanks