Saturday, March 3, 2018

Water Warming Jack Crevalle Are Here!

We’ve had high winds forcast the last couple of days and we faced more of the same today when I met Keith and Annette Sawyer up at the Dee Dee Bartels park boat ramp this morning. But we had a plan and we stuck to it….for a while! Our first stop was over at the outside of Tiger Island and the land mass blocked the NW wind. Both Annette and Keith were making excellent casts to the flooded marsh grass on a high and incoming tide…but we had no takers.
We ran through Tiger and around to Bell River and set up a long a grassy point and in short order Annette “knocked the skunk off” when she landed a nice fat Seatrout. Keith followed that up with an even bigger Trout, this one of keeper size.  We ran up Lanceford Creek, fished a small grass island and here Annette got hot! She landed five more Trout, one here, one there, one here.  We were about half way through our trip and were running out of options to stay out of the wind so we decided to make a long run south to where I had gotten some big Trout yesterday.

It didn’t take but about 15 minutes and we were fishing. Keith was getting good casts and good drifts and when his float shot under with a vengeance, Keith set the hook and, FISH ON! This was a big fish! Keith played it patiently and let the big fish run, even as it made a dash under the boat. We were both thinking “big Red” at first, but then I saw a yellow-white flash….and Keith soon subdued a big hard fighting Jack Crevalle – the first of the year. But we had no Trout so we moved on.

Bouncing around the corner, we set up with floats along the bank and Keith continued his hot streak. He landed one keeper sized Slot Redfish and a whole handful of others that were just a hair undersized. It made for a great way to  finish another day of fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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