Monday, April 6, 2015

Reds and Trout

We had a beautiful morning today as we left the Fernandina Beach Harbor Marina on an incoming tide and headed straight up to Tiger Island to fish the logs while they were still exposed. It took a little while but these two anglers were excellent casters and it was only a matter of time before they started putting fish in the boat. First, Charles boated a nice feisty Redfish then
both he and Theresa traded the lead in the "most fish" count. In addition to a good handful of Reds, they had another good mess of Seatrout with one measuring in at 18". We fished the area until the tide got up too high then we ran thru Tiger Basin to Bell River and fished some flooded oyster beds - but we had no real bites. We ran up Lanceford Creek, fished a dock with no luck, then fished some more flooded oysters. Further up Lanceford we found a grass patch that held some Trout and another Redfish, then we wrapped it up south of Rayonier. All told, they probably had 10-12 fish for the day, so we counted as another great one to be fishing at Amelia Island, Florida

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