Friday, July 6, 2018

Big Fish Wrap Things Up

You just never know when that big fish is going to hit!  I had been fishing with Todd Shcroeder and his dad Dennis all morning today - we caught a couple of small Seatrout over in Jackstaff, working jis and mud minnows on the bottom, and when we made it over to the Nassau River, fishing shell beds, Dennis picked up a nice keeper sized Flounder and they had a few "feisty" Redfish caught.  But, although the duo were making excellent casts and working the bank expertly, we just weren't getting any decent fish.

Our last stop was over at Seymore's Pointe where
we switched to float rigs and minnows (no shrimp today). We fished down the bank slowly and finally, Todd's float disappeared and when his drag ripped, we knew he had good fish. Todd worked it patiently to the boat and soon landed a Slot sized Redfish.  And shortly after that Dennis's float disappeared with a vengeance. Dennis caught up to it, set the hook and, Boom! Big Fish On!  He fought it to the boat and I was thinking, "another Slot Red", but know, as I netted it I saw that it was a huge Seatrout! Boy what a fish! Now that's the way to wrap up a great day of fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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